Wednesday, April 16, 2008

confusionality of the collective psychology limits life spanning

Synchronous "selfless" choreographed lifing [LIFE-ING] replaces discordinate selfish deathingness as the PREDOMINANT psychical modality, paraculturally. The current evolution mime viscosity is generated unconsciously by our collective discordinate intent attribute which is rough because of the inherited subconscious "agreement" for individuals to attempt singular unchoreographed differential analyticality and the dis-synchronous conclusionary psychical composit, which is then socialized in a psychic sea of conflictatory intendingness and its attendant emotional frictioning.

In post Paradimality Psychicality, life force preservationing, respect for lifeness, is accelerated and removes the rough edges from poly-auric psychical infusionism in the new paradigm sociological enhancingness, a kindove pioNEARing of angel aerobics, if you will.

Our human group evolves attitudinally, generating quantum psychical solvency. This enhances our collective quality of experientiality, singularly and collectively.

Children's synchronous search engine results manipulation for immortality.

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